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Weather Information:  Awareness, Preparedness & Safety

Our network of 15 outdoor warning sirens are tested at 12 noon (ET) the first Saturday of each month.  The sirens sound for three minutes during these tests.  If there is a threat of severe weather, the test is canceled.  The sound you will hear during these tests is the same you would hear for a TORNADO WARNING. Outdoor Warning Sirens are meant to be heard if caught outdoors during an approaching storm or tornado threat. These sirens will likely not be heard indoors when wrapped in heavy rain and high winds. We encourage all residents and businesses to have a NOAA Weather Radio inside their home or place of business.

A THREE-MINUTE WAIL (rise and fall)  TONE indicates that a TORNADO is in the area.  You should take shelter immediately and monitor a battery-operated radio or television station that provides Emergency Alerting System (EAS) messages for severe weather conditions.

  • - A tornado watch means a tornado is possible in your area.
  • - A tornado warning is when a tornado is actually occurring, take shelter immediately.

Be Ready Year Round

  • - Tornadoes can occur at any time of day or night and any day of the year.
  • - Straight line damaging winds during a severe thunderstorm warning can cause damage equivalent to an EF0 tornado. Take all severe weather threats seriously!
  • - Have a plan of action before severe weather threatens.  You need to respond quickly when a warning is issued or a tornado is spotted.
  • - When conditions are warm, humid, and windy, or skies are threatening, monitor for severe weather watches and warnings by listening to NOAA Weather Radio, logging onto www.weather.gov or tuning into your favorite television or radio weather information source.